Uji Matcha Pudding

There are some tricks to find the better quality Matcha products. One way for example is to look for the word “Uji“, which is in fact an area in Kyoto that became very famous for providing the best and highest quality Matcha ever since the middle ages.

So as soon as you see the term Uji, it’s the marketeers trying to convince you you’re looking at a superior Matcha product, like this one here:

Uji Matcha Pudding

Fancy right? I picked up this Matcha pudding  treat in Kyoto, more specifically the busy shopping streets next to the Kiyomizu-dera temple. Probably the best place in the world to satisfy your Matcha cravings.

One of the downsides with good quality items is of course the limited shelf life, imposed by the use of fresh eggs for example.  Luckily I saw in time  that this one was going to turn bad really soon, so yesterday me and my girlfriend decided to get to the proof of the (Matcha) pudding! Which we were happy to oblige is in the  eating 🙂

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Japanese Matcha Cookies FTW!

After a lot of  tasting (and gaining some pounds along the way 🙂 ) it’s time to focus on what this blog is all about: the world of Matcha noms!

This means I’m going to be writing reviews of every Japanese Matcha item I can get my hands on, hoping to become a reference for everyone with an interest in the topic.  Whether you are just curious or an addict looking for the best new Matcha treat in town, you should feel right at home 🙂

I will try to be as objective as possible, keeping into account parameters such as the packaging, the impression the product leaves on me and the actual taste of course. Information about the manufacturer etc. will be included as well.

Let’s get started!

Contestant number one: Oreo Bits Sandwiches Matcha

You might be wondering why an all American brand like Oreo is in this list, but make no mistake: they have a whole variety of treats available in Japan too!

In fact, the Japanese company Nabisco is licensed to use the (very strong) Oreo brand and bring a whole range of localised snacks of which the Matcha sandwiches are just one.

Oreo Bits Matcha Sandwiches

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