Only in Japan: Matcha KitKats

Back when the name KitKat was registered in the 1930s no one thought the 4-finger snack would take the world by storm. Today everyone  recognises the red and white logo from miles away and most of you would be able to state their slogan  by heart.

There’s only one place where KitKats get to be really special though. Yes, you guessed it right, its Japan! 🙂 There must be something like 200 different tastes, different from region to region. They often get pretty weird as well, like KitKats with wasabi or baked potato taste.

Japanese KitKat store

The reason why? KitKat pronounced in Japanese sounds very close to Kitto Katsu (きっとかつ) which roughly translates to “you will surely win!”.  Today,  KitKats are commonly given to students during exams as a symbol of good luck. And as you can see, sometimes a bit of good luck is all you need. 🙂

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Hello Kitty Matcha Chocolates

After konnichiwa and sayonara, kawaii must be one of the first Japanese words anyone gets to learn. “Cute”ness is very important in Japan. It is to be found everywhere from characters in animation series and mascots in commercials to the way girls dress up, resulting in an abundance of Lolita like characters all over the place.

No wonder that “Hello Kitty” stemmed from Japanese minds as well. This cute girl (yes she seems to be a girl after all!) has taken the world by storm. For those of you who have missed her somehow, this is she:

Hello Kitty was invented by Sanrio, who made it into a really succesful merchandise. You can even find Hello Kitty themed restaurants like this one in Kyoto for example:

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