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After konnichiwa and sayonara, kawaii must be one of the first Japanese words anyone gets to learn. “Cute”ness is very important in Japan. It is to be found everywhere from characters in animation series and mascots in commercials to the way girls dress up, resulting in an abundance of Lolita like characters all over the place.

No wonder that “Hello Kitty” stemmed from Japanese minds as well. This cute girl (yes she seems to be a girl after all!) has taken the world by storm. For those of you who have missed her somehow, this is she:

Hello Kitty was invented by Sanrio, who made it into a really succesful merchandise. You can even find Hello Kitty themed restaurants like this one in Kyoto for example:

What I would give to eat some of that awesome Japanese food again. Oh wait! I still have some Matcha treats lying around 🙂 How about this very kawaii box of Hello Kitty Matcha chocolates to take the pain away?

I’m a guy and I couldn’t resist taking it, so it must be really cute right? Ahum. Bourbon, the manufacturer of these chocolates, is licensed to use Hello Kitty to attract customers (like me) into buying this pretty heavy (300 grams!) box of chocolates.

Adding to the kawaiiness, the chocolates are packed individually with Kitty White dressed up in a different way every time! Or at least I was able to distinguish 6 from those I didn’t eat yet:

Bourbon BIT Matcha Chocolate

Kawaii right?  But enough with that already. What does it taste like?

Coming from Belgium, I’m pretty sensitive to the chocolate part. Compared to some others however (as described here for example)  this one’s quite alright actually. The Matcha taste is clearly there, yet toned down as to not have too much bitterness involved.

On the lesser side, I would say the Matcha treat is a bit too heavy and buttery. The calory count points in that direction as well 🙂 And it says it’s sold exclusively in Japan, so I guess it will remain with this one box. Or will it?

Do any of you have experience in buying Matcha online? Especially getting it over to somewhere in Europe?

I would love to know!

Thank you for your likes & comments 🙂

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