Only in Japan: Matcha KitKats

Back when the name KitKat was registered in the 1930s no one thought the 4-finger snack would take the world by storm. Today everyone  recognises the red and white logo from miles away and most of you would be able to state their slogan  by heart.

There’s only one place where KitKats get to be really special though. Yes, you guessed it right, its Japan! 🙂 There must be something like 200 different tastes, different from region to region. They often get pretty weird as well, like KitKats with wasabi or baked potato taste.

Japanese KitKat store

The reason why? KitKat pronounced in Japanese sounds very close to Kitto Katsu (きっとかつ) which roughly translates to “you will surely win!”.  Today,  KitKats are commonly given to students during exams as a symbol of good luck. And as you can see, sometimes a bit of good luck is all you need. 🙂

I brought 2 kinds of Matcha Kitkats home from Osaka. One is the normal Matcha KitKat, available everywhere, and one is a special edition found in and around Kyoto.  The second boasts the better quality Uji Matcha (as explained in this post).

But is it worth the extra $?

KitKat Matcha pack

As you can see, the Uji version comes in a nice box compared to the standard bag. Typically Japanese, the size of the Matcha KitKats is also smaller than what we are used to coming from the west. Both containers bring 12 Mini KitKats, about  half the length and only 2 fingers instead of 4.

kitkat matcha individual

I was surprised that the Uji version didn’t differ much color wise. Was there really any difference to be found?

The standard Matcha KitKats are basically white chocolate KitKats colored green. You have to put them in your mouth, concentrate very hard and think Matcha all the time to notice any traces of the good stuff. On top of that, they taste really buttery and fatty. Not my cup of (green) tea to be honest.

Luckily, the Uji Matcha KitKats deliver on their promise . The lower calorie count (64 vs 66) points in the direction of less sugar/fat and more green tea flavour. The matcha taste is clearly there and there’s even a powder like after taste that adds to the realism of it all. I liked that. This is clearly the way a Matcha KitKat should taste.

If you like KitKats and if you like Matcha there’s only one  good advice really:

“Have a break, have a Uji Matcha KitKat”!

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