Matcha Azuki: a match(a) made in heaven!

Japan is really fond of these little red beans called Azuki (Adzuki). They are grown all around East-Asia and are used a lot in in all types of foods, like hot dishes, soups, porridge, confectionery, etc. Most popular however is the sweetened Azuki paste called Anko, which turns out to go really well with Matcha.

Check out this really nice matcha cake with anko filling for example. Would you be able to resist it? Right 😉

Alas, a freshly prepared cake like this will be out of reach for many of us westerners. Unless you feel like paying $$$ to fly it across  oceans and continents in a couple of days.  Not the best of ideas indeed.

Meiji Matcha Azuki

We might have a good alternative though! And that is adding this cute box of Matcha Azuki chocolates to your next big Japanese snack order 🙂

matcha azuki

Meiji conceived a tasty snack consisting of a sweatened azuki bean (or is it just anko formed like a bean?) covered with Matcha chocolate. Although you can’t compare it to the real deal – the azuki is quite dry to be honest – it is really enjoyable and well-balanced. The small box makes it an ideal snack to take along just like you would with a bag of M&M’s. And like any snack, you can keep it for months and it will still be OK.

As you can see, fun does come in all sizes, so if you ever see one of these little boxes: take one with you!  You’ll do yourselves a great pleasure.

Enjoy! And show us your love by sharing 😉

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