Matcha Pudding Surprise

Last weekend we were invited for diner at a friend’s place. This usually means I bring a bottle or wine, or help with the dishes afterwards. Anything but me getting involved in the actual making of the food generally ends up OK 🙂

To everyone’s surprise, I made the following bold announcement: I will make dessert today! And I’m going to do it all by myself!

It’s a good thing everyone was seated, as nobody was expecting this. The resulting silent stares also showed a  painful lack of faith.

It was time to bring out…the box!

It’s easy to see where I got my confidence. Making the desert isn’t exactly a huge challenge, as conveniently displayed (in English!) on the back:

  1. Put a stick of pudding mix into the cup.
  2. Add 60ml of hot water (90° or higher) and stir well about 1 minute
  3. Cool it down in the refrigerator over 3 hours

Even I can do that!

There you go; 4 sticks for 4 portions!

A word of advice if you are a literate follower of instructions: don’t put the stick of pudding mix into the cup. They’re talking about the contents of the stick. HA-HA 🙂

60ml of hot water per portion doesn’t sound like a lot, but then again we’re talking about a Japanese dessert. Their portions are generally smaller. It’s all about taste, not volume.

I emptied 4 sticks in a pot and added 240 ml of pre-heated water while stirring away during about 1 minute.

Afterwards the contents were divided over 4 cups that I placed in the fridge for a couple of hours. Just be sure to wait long enough for the matcha pudding to gain a solid state.

Is it any good?

Yes!  I didn’t expect much of it, but the Matcha Pudding has a really good & strong matcha taste. I find it comes close to the ready made, more expensive Uji Matcha Pudding as decribed  here.

Try it out for yourself, it’s a great way to surprise everyone at your next dinner!

Enjoy! And show us your love by sharing 😉

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