Matcha in Belgium

We Belgians like food. It’s no secret that we are really good at a couple of things either, such as waffles, beer and -of course- chocolate.

So when you take the highest quality Belgian chocolate and  infuse it with Japan inspired tastes,  you can rest assured it’s going to be GOOD.

Too good to be true you say? Check again: it’s real! In Belgium. In my home town Ghent even!

Yuzu chocolates

Yuzu Chocolates is a small shop that produces very fine chocolates infused with Matcha , Yuzu and some more local tastes like Belgian beer. They are wonderul to look at and the packaging adds to the whole Japan feel. A very refined experience to say the least!

Yuzu Matcha Chocolate

My next matcha surprise was when a friend of mine brought back a cake from a pretty well known Belgian bakery named Joost Arijs with shops in Antwerp and recently also Ghent!

Check out this beauty:

Joost Arijs Matcha Pie

Next to being really beautifully made, it was really good as well, made of white chocolate on top of a matcha cake and passion fruit on the inside for some added contrast.

I really liked both the Yuzu chocolates as well as the cake, but I always seem to be missing out on the matcha taste. Of course it’s a precious (and expensive product) and it’s a new experience for most customers here, so I understand where this is coming from.  There’s no need to play it safe however: matcha tastes wonderful!

All in all I’m really happy to see matcha in Belgium is rising up and I will be writing more about it as I go along finding the places to be. Watch out for part 2!

And as always, thanks for sharing 🙂