Enter Matcha Mania

“What the hell? Green Ice cream?”

It’s the first thing I remember saying when one of my friends was showing pictures from her last trip to Japan. No way was I ever going to eat green ice cream!

As you can image from the title of this blog I couldn’t have been more wrong 🙂

One sip of Matcha Milk accompanied with some Matcha flavoured Kit Kat was the only thing needed for me to get hooked. And by that I really mean hooked!

So hooked, that me and my girlfriend have made it our mission to find out everything about Matcha!

We’re determined to find out everything about it, ranging from the classic ceremonial Matcha to the flashiest of  Matcha candy we can get our hands on.

We even took out some time to learn about it on our first ever trip to Japan in may! Ofcourse we’re going to write about our adventures along the way. Or at least I will and she will take most of the pictures 🙂

We’ll try to make this fun & informative, reaching out to anyone with an interest in Japan, matcha, green tea, delicacies in general and anyone who happens to stumble upon us 🙂